Four Generations of Florida Citrus Nurseries

Blue Heron Nurseries provides Florida grove owners and managers with the best citrus trees available today. And we back up our claim with an unprecedented guarantee of satisfaction and service.

Growing Excellence

Blue Heron is a state of the art facility in Central Florida, featuring climate controlled nurseries well away from commercial citrus groves for protection from unwanted vectors. The highest possible standards are maintained, from harvesting the seed fruit to hot water and fungicide treatment, to drying and storage procedures. Daily irrigation, chemigation and fertigation are computer controlled to ensure ultimate quality. Every tree is then hand inspected before shipping to make certain it meets our rigid standards.


A Legacy of Citrus

Our family arrived in Florida in the early 1900s, embodying hard work and integrity. They played an integral role in the citrus industry, gaining respect and becoming valued members of the community.

With roots as nursery and grove owners in eastern Orange and Seminole counties by the 1940s, our family’s connection to the University of Florida led us to join the family business. Patsy Fabry started Patsy’s Nursery in her 30s, initially as a hobby, but it soon blossomed into a profitable venture. The nursery supplied over 100,000 trees annually, laying the foundation for Blue Heron’s current seed trees. Adhering to agricultural regulations, we carefully nurtured the root stock. From a young age, we all worked in the nursery and groves, carrying on the tradition.

Passionate about the citrus industry, we are dedicated grove owners who manage our groves tirelessly. We understand the needs and desires of growers, and we offer the highest quality trees at fair prices in Florida. 


Replacement Policy

Blue Heron Nurseries is confident in the quality of our citrus trees. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll replace them at no charge. No long-winded legal terminology, no asterisks, and no receipt required. It’s that simple.

There are a few exceptions:

  1. Trees damaged or destroyed due to freezes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other acts of God.
  2. Trees not nurtured and maintained responsibly.
  3. Unforeseen problems we couldn’t prevent.

Blue Heron believes we grow the finest citrus trees available in Florida, and we stand behind each and every one of them!


The Blue Heron Growing Process

No adjacent or nearby citrus groves to supply viruses to unwanted vectors. The entire facility is access controlled.

State of the art and climate controlled, regularly inspected and certified to be free of nematodes and to comply with the latest structural and propagation requirements of the Division of Plant Industry.

Onsite custom mixing to strictly regulate soil pH, starter nutrients, soil born pathogen and aeration components.

Components controlled by an innovative computer system that manages daily water and fertilizer inputs. Constant feed fertigation is used to supply needed nutrients daily.

Our own certified seed source is regularly inspected by the Division of Plant Industry. In house seed extraction done with unique custom mechanized equipment to ensure optimal care and germination viability.

Closely monitored treatment process includes careful enzyme treatment and cleaning, hot water treatment for phytophthora control, fungicide treatment for seedling and storage diseases, and climate controlled storage to ensure maximum germination.

Seedlings grown in-house and culled heavily before transplanting. Sterilization procedures followed throughout the entire process. Once the liners are ready for budding, only registered certified budwood is used from our own Division of Plant Industry source material. A careful and constant hands-on approach is taken to ensure unwanted sprouts are removed and the scion is trained straight and full.

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Seed source and budwood is certified/registered by the State of Florida Division of Plant Industries. Blue Heron nurseries is DPI inspected monthly to insure that production practices and nursery structure meets requirements and nematode free certification.